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Oceanus: A context-aware low-cost navigation aid for yacht racing.
Journal of Navigation, Volume 74, Issue 4, July 2021, pp. 738-749. doi:10.1017/S0373463321000205, 2021

february 1, 2019 ⋅ OCEANUS: a context-aware low-cost platform for yacht racing

Oceanus is an hardware and software platform designed and developed to provide useful information to the crew of a racing yacht. The key features of the proposed solution are its reliability and context-awareness, in order to simplify in an intelligent way the usage of the user interface. Furthermore, Oceanus strives to be as much as possible a low cost architecture, both in software and hardware requirements.
Modern racing yachts are equipped with several sensors and monitors that provide a wealth of information to their crews. Sensed or computed data range from GPS-related information (position, speed, geographic course, position on a map), to boat-related information (magnetic heading, speed over water, heeling angle), and to wind and water information (direction and speed of apparent wind, water depth). Sail racing, even for club and amateur racing, has become more and more technological: for example, most of the crew members use polar diagrams of the boat which indicate, for several points of sailing and wind speeds, the optimal speed and heading that the boat is capable of. Such data is used to continuously fine tuning boat steering and sails trimming, to achive performances that go beyond the level that the average crew can reach based on the “seats-of-the-pants” experience. 

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