The sailing laboratory of the University of Udine deals with various projects, to help sailors using IoT applied to sailing.


Buoy equipped with an ultrasonic wind sensor and a GPS receiver. They are able to communicate the data detected by these sensors in real time to the committee boat (during a sailing race) thanks to the use of a LoRaWAN transmitter.


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 Tool used for the Electromagnetic data in yachtElectromagnetic Data in YachtS

Analysis of the electromagnetic fields on a yacht and of their environmental compatibility.


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An hardware and software platform designed and developed to provide useful information to the crew of a racing yacht. The key features of the proposed solution are its reliability and context-awareness, in order to simplify in an intelligent way the usage of the user interface. Furthermore, Oceanus strives to be as much as possible a low cost architecture, both in software and hardware requirements.

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 Image of the ship with reverse engineering appliedReverse Engineering

Reverse engineering techniques applied to the study of the hull structure of a yacht.



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reversible Electric Motor Image of reversible electric motor

Experiment of a reversible electric motor applied to a yacht.




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 Tool used for monitoring the seaSea Monitoring

Monitoring alien species in the waters of the Gulf of Trieste: Mnemiopsisleidyi (commonly called sea walnut). Monitoring O2, PH, Salinity, temperature in the waters of the Gulf of Trieste.

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