1. sail geometry

The initial goal of the internship was the reconstruction of the geometry of the sail in navigation and the hull starting from photographs, in order to then be able to use these reconstructions for fluid dynamic simulations with the aim of optimizing the adjustment of the sails. Due to the Covid-19 emergency, it was not possible for us to use the boat at sea and so we took advantage of the photos taken during some tests in university. We have reconstructed the point cloud of the sail using the 3DF-Zephyr program and the following mesh to then use it as input of a matlab code that calculates various profiles that approximate the surface of the sail. These profiles were then used in modeling software to reconstruct the surface. The models were used to perform fluid dynamic simulations by a master thesis expert. In addition to the reconstruction of the sail, an attempt was made to develop the 3D model of the hull, with unsatisfactory results.


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